Wireless Security

Wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure attacks are today one of the most critical and immediate threats to enterprise networks. To make matters worse, the consumerization of Wi-Fi is flooding enterprises with personal Wi-Fi enabled smartphones and tablets, which are inadvertently tearing down the network security perimeter; organizations without an officially deployed WLAN are also at risk.

Axxera Wireless Security Solution provides enterprises with continuous and the most comprehensive protection against current and emerging wireless threats.Axxera Wireless Security Solution powered by AirTight’s portfolio of patented wireless intrusion detection and prevention techniques, SpectraGuard provides 24/7 visibility into and complete control over enterprise airspace.

Wireless Security Features:
  • World’s best wireless intrusion prevention technology.
  • Automatically detects, blocks and locates rogue APs & other Wi-Fi threats.
  • Blocks unapproved smartphones and tablets.
  • Off-line sensor mode for fault-tolerant continuous policy enforcement.
  • Detects and locates ‘non Wi-Fi’ interference & RF jamming.
  • Forensics analysis for quick resolution of wireless incidents.
  • Remote troubleshooting including remote “live packet capture”.
  • Also available on VMware.
Benefits of Wireless Security:
  • Automatic device classification
  • Automatic threat prevention
  • Protection from unapproved smart devices
  • Accurate location tracking

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