Axxera Connector

Axxera Central Intelligence (CI) connectors are an important part of the platform. They collect events from hundreds of devices in native format, and then they normalize those to a common, well defined format so that you can compare and analyze very disparate events. The connectors collect locally and then send the normalized events to our logging and correlation products in a guaranteed, secure, and bandwidth-efficient manner.

The key point of Axxera’s approach is that by normalizing all these device logs into a common format, Axxera insulates your analysis from your choice of products. If you want to swap out Juniper and replace with Checkpoint, none of your analysis breaks. This gives you tremendous flexibility in your choice of technology, and it also means that when new products come out in the future, you are not painted into a corner in terms of your monitoring and analysis.


  • Collect data from any Data source
  • Collect data from any data source with pre-built connectors
  • Open APIs to connect new connectors
  • Customize new connectors
  • Create consistent Security monitoring

These connectors are available in multiple options. Axxera has rack-mountable appliances that can manage thousands of devices; we have small, cost-effective appliances designed for branch offices or in-store use.

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