Penetration Testing

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Penetration Assessment

The Axxera Penetration assessment service is an in-depth review of the customer’s gateway entry points and it’s components including: firewalls, routers, switches, web servers, database servers, and other application servers. A Axxera senior security consultant conducts a security assessment of the customer’s gateway architecture. The assessment includes the following:

  • An external penetration study (from the Axxera penetration / assessment facility)
  • An on-site assessment
  • A review of critical components (firewall, routers, switches, and application servers)
  • A review of current protective mechanisms (firewall rule sets, router access control lists, and authentication methodologies)
  • A review whether the existing security perimeter is well defined and affords adequate protection
Detailed Documentation:

A description of the assessment methodology:

  • Specific identification of weakness (vulnerability), including both system-level vulnerabilities, as well as network architecture, topology, and protocol vulnerabilities that may weaken the security profile of the network or systems
  • A description of each vulnerability
  • An assessment of the level of risk created by each vulnerability
  • Recommendations to mitigate risk created by each specific vulnerability
  • Where applicable, recommendations to establish policies or procedures to prevent the recurrence of vulnerabilities.

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