SIEM in Cloud

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology is critical in securing organizations, their data and infrastructure as it moves to the cloud.

Using Axxera’s Central Intelligence Platform, data collection, aggregation, normalization and correlation technology, SIEM collects volumes of diverse data from devices and applications across the network and across the cloud - and transforms it into real-time actionable security intelligence.

The Central Intelligence SIEM can be completely functional in a matter of days, instantly presenting the enterprise with actionable information, a consolidated view of the security status of their critical assets, and on-demand reports via the secure web-based Enterprise Security Portal. With this information, security and network teams can respond faster to security incidents, while painlessly achieving compliance with many industry regulations by demonstrating control effectiveness.

Some of the key features include but not limited:
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Database Security
  • Host Intrusion Prevention
  • Web Application Vulnerability Management
  • Email Security
  • Compliance
  • Correlation Of Events from Various Sources
  • ITIL based Ticketing
  • Log Management

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