IDS/IPS Management

Axxera’s Intrusion Detection Management solution provides comprehensive, outsourced monitoring for your organization’s Network-Based IDS/IPSs, helping to detect and respond to the most sophisticated and malicious hacker attacks. The service is based on Central Intelligence’s, Axxera’s proprietary, nextgeneration security management and monitoring platform.

Axxera Security Device Management Experts provide the specialized skill set required to Manage IDS and IPS devices. Unlike other Network security tools IDS/IPS devices are only effective if they are well tuned to the current threats and the network in which they are deployed. IDS devices can generate thousands of alerts each day and are very prone to false positives, making it difficult to identify true threats and take timely action to protect assets.

Central Intelligence offers the only true real-time monitoring service in the Managed Security Services industry to protect your company’s mission-critical information assets.

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