Axxera SIEM

Axxera’s Central Intelligence SIEM delivers deep visibility into network, user and application activity providing organizations with intelligence into potential and existing threats across their entire network layer, application layer and system layer. Built on the highly flexible Central Intelligence Platform, Central Intelligence SIEM provides a next-generation solution that can mature with an organization, scale to support a growing infrastructure and deliver a common user experience to many groups across the organization. With event collection, log management, predictive threat detection, compliance management and built-in ITIL framework all combined in Central Intelligence SIEM, organizations benefit with a tightly integrated solution that quickly and easily delivers corporate-wide security intelligence.

Event Management System

CI helps the IT support team contend with the deluge of alerts from components in the infrastructure by centralizing all data streams into one repository. Event management serves as the communication point to and from all types of monitoring agents and provides a top level screening of alerts. Event management enables CI to automatically identify events and warning signs of infrastructure problems before users are impacted, thus reducing user calls and improving the quality of service.

Correlation Management System

CI eliminates false alarms and redundant alerts through its advanced correlation engine. Correlation technology also serves to auto-resolve tickets for transient events that have corrected themselves. As a result, the Axxera Portal presents a filtered view of tickets for significant events and purges the noise from the system, allowing your operations team to respond to incidents faster and more efficiently.


The CMDB (Configuration Management Database) is the central repository for all configuration items in your infrastructure. More than an asset database, the CMDB maintains the relationships between configuration items, stores details on operational processes, and serves as the knowledge base for incident and problem management. The CMDB tracks baseline and deviation configurations to provide a complete picture of your assets. Through the CMDB, your data integrity is maintained, and the Axxera Portal provides a common interface to view and update all records.


As soon as an incident is identified, a ticket (incident record) is automatically created. This auto-ticketing process pre-populates the incident record with all known details, such as device/application name, type, location, the time of occurrence, and the performance issue. Auto-ticketing brings tremendous efficiency to your support staff, ensures that records are complete and accurate, and accelerates your incident response time. Other event management tool vendors require extensive integration projects to approximate Axxera’s range of capabilities. With CI, necessary technologies such as monitoring, event handling, correlation, configuration management and ticketing are pre-integrated, providing seamless automation.

Ticketing System / Portal

Service desk functions as the hub of your IT operations support system. The Axxera Portal serves to unify your service desk support functions whether stationed in one or multiple locations, supporting global, and regional models. CI consolidates alerts from all points in your infrastructure, automatically generates tickets, and pre-populates the incident details for each ticket. Centralization and auto-ticketing improves communication, efficiency, and accuracy, ensuring that every incident gets the proper attention. The Axxera Portal also provides a convenient interface for the manual entry of tickets with dynamic screens that link to the configuration management database (CMDB).

Workflow Management and OPSs

CI automates the incident management process and improves the alert-to-resolution cycle time with Operational Procedure Steps (OPSs)—a reliable, event-specific knowledge base of resolution procedures. Specific validation and troubleshooting steps provided within each OPSs enable analysts to resolve incidents, freeing senior resources to work on design and development initiatives. Multiple workflow management features are tied into the ticketing screens of the Axxera Portal to assign, prioritize, notify and escalate issues as appropriate to each incident.

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