Axxera, Managed Security Services offers an array of security services to a wide range of organizations. Axxera uses its trademark Central Intelligence SIEM to provide comprehensive, outsourced monitoring and management for your organization’s Security tools, helping to detect and respond to the most sophisticated and malicious hacker attacks.

The Central Intelligence Managed and Monitored Security Service provides real-time security monitoring and 24x7 professional security analysis. The service offers complete outsourced management of supported Firewalls, including signature updates, system and software support, and upgrades Central Intelligence alone offers the only true real-time Monitoring service in the Managed Security Services industry to protect your company’s mission-critical information assets.

Service Enhancements

The following enhancements to the Central Intelligence Managed and Monitored Firewall Service are available:

Security Help Desk

While the Central Intelligence Managed and Monitored Firewall / IDS / IPS Services includes basic functionality support, Central Intelligence has developed a Security Help Desk to assist clients with installation difficulties and configuration problems with your Network. Through the SOCs, Central Intelligence offers comprehensive 24x7 support at additional charge. Security Help Desk support is intended for use by a client IT staff point of contact to address any Network / Security concerns, installation and configuration issues. The Central Intelligence Security Help Desk functions on a token redemption basis. One token provides for a single help desk support call of up to one hour in length.

Network Deployment

Central Intelligence offers special packages for the monitoring and management of IDSs when deployed in conjunction with our Managed and Monitored Firewall Service. For more information, see the Managed IPS & IDS Services -Network/ Hosted Service document.

Protect Your Network with the Central Intelligence Managed and Monitored Firewall Service

With real-time information protection and industry-leading security professional services, Central Intelligence provides the most advanced information security available today. Find out how the Central Intelligence Managed and Monitored Firewall Service can give your network the security you need.

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