Digital Forensics

Axxera Digital Forensics Solution offers Enterprises a proven, cost effected method to investigate HR related matters (such as corporate policy violations, harassment complaints or computer misuse allegations), IP theft, fraud, computer security incidents and more. Unlike performing a manual investigation of digital evidence, or offline tools, remote forensics with EnCase Enterprise helps meet the demands and complexity of an increasing volume of digital investigations by reducing travel, reducing time per investigation and enabling live investigations of devices.

Axxera Digital Forensics powered by EnCase® Enterprise is the gold standard remote computer forensic solution that greatly reduces the time and costs associated with internal digital investigations, while preserving findings to judicial standards. EnCase® Enterprise enables complete endpoint visibility and allows for thorough search, collection, preservation and analysis of information on laptops, desktops and servers across the network, without disrupting operations.

Digital Forensics Benefits:
  • Broadest OS Support: Simultaneously investigate individual or multiple machines running on Windows, UNIX, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, even NetWare, for sensitive information, unauthorized processes, and network connections.
  • Lightweight, passive endpoint service: Weighing in at a mere 720k, the EnCase ® Enterprise service does not interfere with system operation or monopolize resources unlike traditional endpoint agent and allows for the capture and analysis of RAM as well as data on the hard drive.
  • Patented Optimized Distributed Search: The EnCase Enterprise search method does not require data be indexed before it can be searched. Optimized Distributed Search technology ensures only the files that need to be searched are searched through metadata analysis.
  • Granular Roles and Permissions: EnCase Enterprise has a number of controls enabling organizations to use the technology without compromising employee rights, exposing privileged information, or letting investigators arbitrarily perform unauthorized computer investigations.
  • Detailed Reporting and Analysis: Customizable reports can be tailored to present only the relevant information to senior decision makers. Audit log provides detailed reports on exactly what was done during the course of an investigation.

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